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About Us

Hello World, We're Wizard Games!
A small studio making waves in mobile and now in VR.

Since 2013 Wizard Games has been working hard out of our Victoria BC office to bring vibrant arcade games to mobile phones and tablets. Our mobile lineup has included first person shooters, endless runners and real-time multiplayer battlers. Our games have been downloaded over 20 Million times worldwide with lots of awesome dedicated fans.

Fun factor has always come first for us. Everything else is secondary. This quest for fun experiences has lead us to the irresistible draw of VR. We've just launched our second VR title. A PvP multiplayer brawl called Cowbots and Aliens!


Cowbots and Aliens

Part multiplayer competitive shooter, part social platform, part physics sandbox - Cowbots and Aliens will push social competitive multiplayer VR to a new level of fun. Grab, throw, flip, smash, shoot, interact with EVERYTHING in an all out intergalactic Wild West brawl!  

Flip a table and take cover, break a chair over your friends head, hurl a tomahawk, jump out with six-shooters blazing or just practice shooting beer bottles out of the sky. Cowbots and Aliens is a wild west brawl scene brought to life by robots, aliens, the magic of VR and you!

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Hoops VR

Hoops VR is our first published game made specifically for the HTC Vive. We fell in love with how fun it was to simply throw things in VR so basketball seemed like a no-brainer. Hoops VR is a frantic global free throw competition. Hoops pop up in a whack-a-mole style fashion while the player tries to sink as many baskets as possible. The basketball physics has been tuned to create the most realistic basketball experience you can have in a video game. We made sure to include local and global leaderboards so everyone can join in on the competition to be the ultimate free throw champ. There are four different play modes including an airplane throwing mode. Like real basketball it's pretty addictive.

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Small but mighty.
Matthew Paxman
Matthew Paxman
CEO / Creative Director
Matt founded Wizard Games in 2013. He is a former Intel software engineer with an educational background in Comp Sci and Art. Matt just wants to make the world an even more fun place.
Jamie MacDougall
Jamie MacDougall
CTO / Genius Coder
Jamie is a former Intel software engineer just like Matt. Jamie received his Masters in Computer Science at the University of Victoria. He is a coding unicorn.
Karl Bossler
Karl Bossler
Technical Artist / Particle Wrangler
Part artist, part programmer, and part designer – Karl is a triple threat. Rock star team member by day, dad by night, demon slayer at lunch time.
Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas
Chief Artist / Master Illustrator
Scott has been working as an artist in the gaming industry since 1994. He has completed projects for clients such as Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Hanna-Barbera and more.

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